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Our PHP Programming course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages. PHP is a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. This course introduces the PHP framework and syntax, and covers in depth the most important techniques which are used to build dynamic web sites.


A basic working knowledge of HTML is presumed. Some conceptual knowledge of how web servers and web browsers (clients) interact using HTTP. A working knowledge of at least one scripting/programming language or evidence of strong capabilities in relevant areas of mathematical/logical reasoning

Programme Outline:

Course Duration: 4-6 months

Schedule: 1 - 1/2 Hours. (Monady to Friday)

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In Our Learing Centre You Learn The all Official types of courses. The sad truth is that only 1 in 10 IT graduates is considered employable. Here’s how you can greatly increase your chances of landing a plum Your Job

At the Last Finishing School, we seek to bridge the traditional educational and skills gap divide in the quality talent pool of students. The curriculum too is designed keeping industry relevance and requirements in mind. Our faculty is mostly drawn from industry professionals who actually know the ins and outs of the business. you will also become a part of our extensive recruitment database after undergoing our 3 months course training.

PHP Training Overview

MySQL and PHP are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.

PHP : What is it?

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. "PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly." When someone visits your PHP web page, your web server processes the PHP code. It then sees which parts it needs to show to visitors (content and pictures) and hides the other stuff (file operations, math calculations, etc.) then translates your PHP into HTML. After the translation into HTML, it sends the web page to your visitor's web browser.

MySQL Training


In today's fast growing internet environment, web applications are used by many corporate companies. To create a Web Application we use Server Side Scripting Language and Database to store the information. Web applications are Portable, Cost Effective, Scalable, Available from any system and enable storing the information on server

PHP Training in Ludhaina

Do you want to start you career as a Professional PHP Web Developer? Creating web applications is not like designing as website, there will be a huge difference in web design and web development. In design you have to provide a visual look and feel. But developing PHP Application is about writing a logic to suit client requirements. PHP MySQL can only be learn by writing programs, reading programs and learning new php stuff regularly. So we give the highest priority on practicals to make you able to do the coding and implement logic in the programs.

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Web Trainings is a professional php training center in Focal Point, Ludhiana.

PHP Training provided by Experienced Trainer

Job Placements Assistance for PHP Developers

PHP Project with Explanation and Implementation

Practicals course

PHP Training Course Modules

Duration : 3 Months (75hours)

Eligibility: 10+2 or Equal

Program: Theory & Practical

Location: Study Centers

Unit I

Understanding HTML Tags., Understanding Hyperlink & Navigation.

Form Designing in HTML,

Introduction to PHP, Understanding Syntext

PHP Variables, Operators, String Handling.

Data Type,

Condition Statements (If, If Else, If else if, else, Case)

Loop Statement (for, While, Do While)

Array, String Manipulating

Creating & Using Function & Classes

Unit II

Form Submission

Request Method (GET, POST, REQUEST)

Include, Require

Date, Time, Calendar

Session & Cookies

File Handling

Work with GD Directory (Image Manipulation)

Unit III

MySQL Introduction

Database Conncetion

Insert, Delete, update, tables using PHP Page

Read, Modify, Delete record in PHP from MySQL

Error Handling

Unit IV


(Ex. FAQ, Address Book, Photo Gallery, Blood Donor Database, Product Gallery etc.)

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